Finally-You can turn your dream of building a pirogue into reality!

Now You Can Build Your Own Stealth Pirogue Even If You Have NO Boatbuilding Experience With My Step-By-Step 3d Pirogue Plans...

If You Are Looking For Professional Boatbuilder Quality Pirogue Plans (Including Tutorials and Easy To Follow Instructions) Then Be Sure That You Read This Carefully...

Dear Friend,

You and I have a lot in common, because we both love to build boats!  You see my Dad was a Ship's Captain, and I was raised on the water.  It's no surprise that I fell in love with building boats... 

In fact, my Dad bought me my first wooden boat when I was only 12 years old.  They say time flies when you're having fun, and boy is that true!

I don't know where the time went, but you can tell by my gray hair, I'm not a youngster any more.  In fact, I've been designing and building boats now for over 25 years.  And if there is one thing I know for sure...

Building Your First Pirogue Is A Lot Easier, When You've Got Someone With Experience Giving You A Helping Hand!

How do I know?   You see I live in Louisiana, and we've got lot's of pirogues.  And they look simple enough, so I decided to build my own...without a set of plans.  I mean it can't be that hard, right? 

 Well, I have a confession to make...Boy was I wrong. My first pirogue was a disaster.  I hate to even admit it, but man it was ugly. (But remember, this was before the internet, and most good pirogue designs were in the mind of an experience boat builder.)  

But It Gets Worse...

  • My boat was crooked, and turned left all day long.
  • It leaked.  And no matter how much I gooped it, it still leaked.
  • I had a pile of scrap lumber that cost more than the boat!
  • It took weeks of aggravation and do overs.
  • It eventually sank, with me in it!

I was ready to give up...

So I was sitting on the dock, all bummed out.  Thinking that my hobby was now a flop.  My wife knows how much I love coffee, and she broght me a cup and sat down beside me...

Why don't you go ask one of the other boat builders down the bayou for some help? she said. 
"Maybe later" I told her.  My feelings were hurt, and so was my pride.

But I was determined to succeed. And decided to do something about it...

I swallowed my pride, and went "down the bayou"...

Lucky for me, there were a few old school professional boat builders down the bayou from where I lived.  So with my hat in my hand, I went and asked for help.

A few of the "nonks" as they are called, (nonk means "uncle") gave me some pointers, and one old fisherman was even kind enough to let me borrow a "good" pirogue, to try out, and get some measurements from.

Since those days, I've designed and built a marina full of boats, and folks stop by my house (I live on the lake, right next to a boat ramp) all of the time, asking to buy one of my pirogues. I have kept a notebook full of measurements and notes that I had learned from these Louisiana craftsmen, for over 25 years.  My notebook and drawings, have become my *Secret Weapon* that I'm now sharing with you..

Introducing ...

Certified CAJUN Pirogue Plans!

Pirogue plans Loaded With Features!  - Check this out...

  • Designed Using 3d - These designs use the exact same 3d technology that I provide to professional boat builders around the world.
  • Step-By-Step - Not just a few pieces of paper full of lines and obscure numbers, I'll take you step-by-step through the building process, using virtual reality, with a 3d builders book.
  • Use Standard Lumber - Unlike a lot of boat plans, pirogue plans are designed to use standard sized lumber you can get most anywhere.
  • Professionally Nested - I've laid out all of the parts so that they are easy to draw, and even easier to cut. Squeezing every drop of material to the limit, means you'll hardly have any wasted lumber or money.
  • Proven Design -  The Louisiana Pirogue has been around for generations, and my version is based upon a proven, easy to build design.

WARNING: One Pirogue is Just Not Enough!

Once you build your first pirogue, you'll notice that your friends, relatives & folks at the boat ramp will want you to build them one.  You'll hear stuff like "Can you make it wider?"  "Can you make it shorter?"  "Can you put a transom on it?" and even... "Can you build one of those out of aluminum?"

The reason I know, is that's exactly what happened to me.  And once folks see your stealth pirogue, they'll be asking you the same things.  So to make things even sweeter, here's what I'm gonna do:

You Won't Get Just One Set of Pirogue Plans, But You'll Get The WORKS!

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Here's A Recent Email From A Happy Builder...

Greetings from Alaska,  this is the maiden voyage of the Pirogue I built from your plans.  Great plans and and very user friendly.
Many thanks for the great plans,
 Mike Helmrich - Anchorage, AL.

Here's A Big Pic of Mike's Pirogue:

Sweet Huh?

Here's An Email From Bill in Tennessee:

Today was my first day out on the lake, and all I can say is WOW I still can't believe I did it. I mean this was fun & thanks for the help!

 Bill Haning - Tampa, FL.

Imagine- This Could Be You Next Weekend!

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I look forward to seeing you having fun on the water!

Joseph Delgado Sr.


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